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Stages in Google Search when Considering Keyword Research

Stages in Google Search when Considering Keyword Research

Needless to say, the process of keyword research is one of the most salient and influential within the SEO discipline. Arguably the most recognised ranking factor in Google’s algorithms, having a well-selected pool of keywords within your copy is non-negotiable. The process demarcates into practices like competitor keyword research, internal content audits and long term UX tests, among others, as a testament to the number of angles investigated to polish the method as much as possible. . The spectrum of  methods available in refining the researching process also means, by natural consequence, that its degree of practical use changes over the time that it’s developed. Just like any other scientific method, testing and re-testing is the main path of approach, to the point of well-practiced use.

On the other end of the screen, though, there is the mind of the user, and the need to understand why they choose the words that they choose. Although subjective, we’ve at least narrowed browsing intent into 3 main categories of search here at SEO Agency Sydney:

Different Stages in a Google Search Influencing Keywords



At this point in the search, users’ needs are to gain more information on a given topic. Those in this stage associate with being in the beginning / middle of their browsing journey, dedicating the majority of their resources to being as knowledgeable as possible, to make the best purchase or transactional decision possible. The natural consequence of this, though, might be the employment of more head-term keyword phrases, as opposed to long-tail, meaning that for the assortment of queries dealt with, informational searches can often be the most complex in its range and scope.



Here, users are at the other end of the spectrum. These focus highly on the brand and their specificity, often searching for brands by name or products that strongly associate with an entity.

These consumers might have enjoyed a given brand’s product in the past, or have been given strong testimonies by those around them.

Having bought into a brand’s ecosystem, resulting searches like associated social media accounts or authoritative news articles might impact the way users come to your site.



Within the purchase cycle, this is the final phase in which customers are ready to make a purchase decision. The approach to keyword selection, then, would be to provide the necessary information – or call to action – for their decision to proceed.

That said, not all transactions are fundamentally monetary. Newsletter signups, account creations, wish list updates can all account for this, so long as there is a certain buy-in to a site’s engagement.

So, what can you say about your searchers? For more researched hands on the marketplace, contact us at SEO Agency Sydney for a closer look at the keywords your audience is using.


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